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Hi, there, welcome. 

We're Rundestiny and we've been offering service for tailoring, alternation, personalised gift, embroidery in the UK.  Our product range currently focuses on a gift for birthday, weddings, celebrations and anniversaries.


We believe that highly durable and vibrant quality makes a great gift item. High printed quality ceramic mugs, t-shirt, embroidery makes the perfect gift for everyone.

We offer the best organic colour dyes, the method that offers crystal-clear results and vibrant colours photographic on our mugs. The prints on our mugs will never fade no matter how many times it's washed and it environmentally friendly. 

Our product is made package and ship from the UK to our customer at a fair price. 


We started this business because we used to provide tailoring, alternation from Africa and we continued to offer our service to friends and family in the UK. In addition to that, we started with a personalised, ceramic mug, t-shirt and embroidery to shear our person.

Thank you for coming on this creative journey with us.

We believe there’s nothing more unstoppable than when people come together.


Our values are open-minded, creative and innovative. No matter where you are from, who you are, you are wonderful and unique. 


We accept